ATELIER: Szilvia Füzik

Silvia Füzik was born in 1992 in Dunajská Streda (Dunaszerdahely). Since 2018, she has had numerous exhibitions, primarily in and around Bratislava (Pozsony). Her last solo exhibition, Designed for Vulnerability, was held at the Limes Gallery in Komárno (Komárom) in autumn 2022. Her works feed on  existential, inner confrontations; combining visuality, philosophy and literature, they take the shape of complex, multimedia exhibitions. Her affinity for Eastern spirituality and reflections on the nature of change have infused her depictions of celestial scenes. She has exhibited her pieces in group shows and residency programmes in Komárno, Eger and Cluj-Napoca (Kolozsvár). Currently she works in a studio at her grandmother’s house in Ňárad (Csiliznyárad).